Lightning vs. Lightening

For those of you who are confused, which apparently is about 50% of the English-speaking world, the title of this blog is "Dreams Into Lightning". That's L-I-G-H-T-N-I-N-G. Not "lightening". (See here).

"Lightning" (spelled without an e) refers to a discharge of atmospheric electricity, of the sort usually accompanied by thunder.

"Lightening" (with an e) refers to the act of making something less dark or less heavy.

For pictures of lightning go here.

For lightening pictures on your TV set, turn up the "brightness" knob; with a camera, widen the aperture and/or increase the exposure; for large, heavy oil prints, take the picture to a professional frame shop and replace the heavy frame with a lighter one.

For advice on lightening your hair please consult your local beauty salon. Do not under any circumstances do this.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Dreams Into Lightning. (Not "Lightening".) We now return you to your regularly scheduled rants and ravings.