Persians and Kurds and Jews ... oh, my!

The three races that once vexed Iraq's former fuehrer Saddam Hussein are making their mark on the blogosphere. Here's a roundup.

Kurdish-Israeli cooperation to end? Kurdistan Bloggers Union News cites an item from al-Jazeera:
According to Al Jazeera the secret long standing ties between the Kurds from South-Kurdistan and Israel, which were resumed after the former leader Saddam Hussein was ousted by the U.S.-led occupation, came to a crushing end in the past few months, under pressure from Washington.

After Jalal Talabani was nominated to the presidency of Iraq in spring 2005, "a conflict of interest appeared between the two allies", said an expert in Middle East safety. "In order not to be criticized by the Shiites and the Sunnis, the new Head of the State Talabani could not allow the further development of a relationship that is condemned by the immense majority of the Iraqis. The Kurdish two-sided-game was stopped."

Which forced some of the Israeli agents leave Kurdistan. Only hundred of them still remain ...

Full article at the link. Source: KBU News

"Israel cannot allow a nuclear IRI." Writing at the Jerusalem Post and posted at Free Iran, Ephraim Sneh argues that Israel Cannot Allow a Nuclear IRI:
Iran is striving to become an Islamic superpower with hegemony over the greater Middle East that would extend assistance to Muslims everywhere. That is why it is developing ballistic missiles able to deliver nuclear weapons with a range of thousands of kilometers. The new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has openly declared this.

For the Teheran regime, relinquishing its nuclear arms and long-range missiles would be tantamount to relinquishing its goals and very raison d'etre. At best, Iran will continue with its tricks to gain time, while secretly moving ahead with its plans to obtain a nuclear bomb.

Iran's nuclear objectives cannot be separated from its war against the Jewish state, which is based on a two-level strategy. On the first level, Iran directs, finances and encourages terrorist organizations to carry out terror attacks against Israel, and has cast a network of 13,000 rockets and missiles in southern Lebanon whose range covers the entire northern part of Israel, almost as far south as Hadera.

The second level would be achieved when the regime develops nuclear warheads that can be mounted on the Shihab-3 missiles aimed at Israel, changing our strategic situation drastically. Not only would our citizens live in constant fear of a nuclear strike, but all future negotiations Israel with any Arab partner would be held in the shadow of nuclear extortion.

Katrina and the Kurds. Medya Daily contrasts Turkish and Iranian Kudish reactions to the disaster in America's Gulf Coast:
(in the taxi)

old kurdish man : did you hear the news about the huricane in USA ?
kurdish youngester : yeah darn it, Sep is not lucky month for Americans at all...
old kurdish man : really sad...thousands of them died...all of the city is under water .
kurdish driver : the huricane was a tragedy but the next tragedy is coming.
old kurdish man : next tragedy ?
kurdish driver : yeah Sarok Bush will loose the ellection...and those anti-war democrts will take his position ...no good for kurds... [Sarok means President in kurdish]

Driver Turns on the Radio (Iranian Radio) :
Millyet the Turkish newspapers estmaited victims of New orlean's huricane to 10,000 .
Millyet reported Large Discirimination in aiding to blacks .
Hurryet another turkish newspaper blamed the huricane on Bush , and their policy in Iraq.
Zaman the Turkish newspaper put a large photo on the first page saying "Bush Wanted" ...

Read the rest at the link. Source:Medya Daily.

Iraq/Kurdistan. KBU carries a definitive roundup on the status of the Kurdish nation in Iraq. Read the post at the link for details.

Regime apologist watch. Dr. Ramin Etebar names names: 'There are three organizations the act as IRI apologists, their activities are extremely harmful for the IRI opposition as well as
the Iranian people. Any attempt to extend the life and sustenance of the Islamic Republic of Iran by any individual or organization results in more suffering, torture, imprisonment, poverty and death in Iran and Iranians anywhere in the world. ...' Go to the link to find out who they are.