Let's blogroll!

Familiar faces in Beirut. Michael Totten of Pajamas Media is in the Mideast for an extended trip. He's renamed his blog Michael J. Totten's Middle East Journal for the occasion. This time in Beirut, Michael sees some familiar faces where he wishes he didn't have to see them; read his post on martyrs of a different kind.

Our man in Wherethehellistan. Let's admit it - well-informed citizens though we are, there are still some places that even you and I can't find on a map. Or even pronounce. Well, our ignorance is about to end, thanks to PJM's resident Central Asia expert, Registan.

Warning: Politically Incorrect Lesbian. And also from Pajamas, Tammy Bruce now has her own blog, and we've been honored to witness its inception. Tammy takes on today's Neville Chamberlains, anti-gun hysteria, drunken sailors in Washington, and al-Qaeda denial. And don't miss her photos from the blessing of the animals. And yes, I'm proud to have Tammy Bruce on my sidebar.