Terri Schiavo

What are radiologists saying about Terri's brain scans? Not neurologists, but radiologists - the people who look at brain scans for a living. To find out, take a look at Code Blue Blog.

Disabled Queers In Action (DQIA) released the following statement:
In a 2-1 decision, the court ruled early this morning that Terri has no right to eat, thus no right to live. Although our justice system presumes innocence until proven guilty, Terri has been tried and convicted without any charges against her -- for the capital offense of being disabled. Society and the courts have deemed her "better off dead than disabled". America was built upon presumed checks and balances, yet for people with disabilities like Terri, those balances failed again and again.

Today is one of the darkest hours in disability history for three reasons: ...

Read the whole thing at the link. Hat tip: Straight Up With Sherri

Judith has excellent coverage at Kesher Talk. Via Judith, Wittingshire quotes John West on the tendency to presume in favor of PVS diagnoses.