An Army of One

Happy belated blogiversary to Jane Novak, Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of Liberation. Jane is a native New Yorker who took 9/11 personally, and vowed to bring the fight to the enemy by challenging Osama bin Laden on his own ground. She is a passionate and eloquent advocate for democracy in the Middle East. Her philosophy is: "Okay, Osama, you come to my hometown and knock stuff down, I'll go to your hometown and build stuff up." She has published numberous articles and essays in English-language print journals in the Middle East (she has a particular obsession with OBL's native Yemen) and recently played a leading role in the campaign to free Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani and other imprisoned Yemeni journalists. Jane has also played a key role in keeping Sudan on our maps. (And for whatever it's worth, she also inspired yours truly to stake out this humble corner of the blogosphere that you're reading right now.) And she's done all this in just her first year of blogging.

Happy blogiversary, Jane! Readers, be sure to add Armies of Liberation to your browser favorites.