More News from the Home Front

It's confirmed: I pick up the keys to my new place tomorrow morning!

FM and TNG are still away traveling - they get back to San Francisco on July 20. She's a major travel addict - used to wear me to a frazzle, but it'll be great for the kid.

I've started "Absolution Gap", the third volume of Alastair Reynolds' terrific trilogy. Reynolds is a Welsh-born astrophysicist who works for the European Space Agency. He is also one heck of a writer. He's not only helped to revive space-based science fiction as a genre - he is turning it into an art form. The character of Scorpio is one I won't soon forget. For those of you who will never read Reynolds because "I don't read sci-fi", all I can say is, you don't know what you're missing. Really and truly.

Also working my way through the complete DVD series of Babylon 5 (all five seasons). Just about to finish Season 1. It's such a pleasure to watch really great actors like Andreas Katsulas and Peter Jurasik (as the mortal enemies G'kar and Londo), especially in a well-written show like this one. The creator, J. Michael Straczynski, writes most of the scripts himself; a few episodes are written by guest writers. (A couple of the guest-written episodes are a bit weak, I think; and there's one in particular I have some problems with. But I'll post on that later.)

I'm starting to take lessons in chanting the Torah from a friend at the synagogue. Her son Ari just joined the Army reserves. He's about to graduate boot camp - and he turns 18 today! Let's wish him all the best.