Let's Blogroll!

An uncanny resemblance. Jeffrey at Iraqi Bloggers Central notes the striking similarity between Saddam's courtroom rhetoric and the pronouncements of certain other individuals we've heard lately.

A close call, and some thoughts on security. Zeyad reports on a too-close-for-comfort car chase by some bandits, and stresses the need for increased Iraqi visibility in the security forces. He reports that "overall ... Baghdadis are cautiously optimistic about new developments."

Battle of wits. Ginmar gets to interrogate a new prisoner (not Zarqawi, unfortunately), and explains the different philosophies of interrogation. "One of them is the one that took the dark road to Abu Ghraib. The other is the one that it seems everyone in my company pretty much believes in: the battle of wits. This is where you plot and plan and study your opponent, eyeing body language, and weighing what facts you have, and how you can use them." She also talks about R&R, the mood in Qatar, and women's intimate apparel. (And no, I don't believe she plans to employ any of the latter with her next subject.)

US blunder. Big Pharaoh is appalled at an incident involving US forces and the Iraqi Police. Read the post, and don't miss the discussion in the comments corner.

Immigrant smuggling. CaribPundit has a
thought-provoking report on immigrant smuggling. Immigrants from Mexico and Central America are often subjected to degrading and inhuman treatment, while criminal gangs reap huge profits.