Women Today

Carrie Brownstein of Portland-based rock trio Sleater-Kinney is interviewed in the June 2005 print issue of Girlfriends. She has some very insightful comments about the 2004 election season:
Q: This was a tough election year in your home state, Oregon, including the passage of the first anti-gay marriage initiative. How did this make you feel?

A: It was a little bit of a shock. It felt like [the whole West] was delusional for not having a sense of the broader political climate. People were forced to reevaluate the reality of the situation. Okay, well, maybe we're not going to get gay marriage. Maybe we skipped a couple of steps here. In the same way that thelarger political left groups feel like they need to go back and be a little more detailed on their agenda.

Two women appointed to office in Kuwait. Fatima al-Sabah and Fawzia al-Bahr have been appointed to a sixteen-member council that oversees planning and civil services in Kuwait, according to Feminist Daily News: 'Further advancing women's political involvement in Kuwait, two women have been appointed to the sixteen-member Municipal Council, which focuses on civil planning and social services. The Council is comprised of ten elected members and six members appointed by the Prime Minister. Reuters reports that Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah announced his appointments and the inclusion of two women earlier this week. According to BBC News, the councilors will be Fatima al-Sabah, a member of the royal family and assistant under-secretary at the Emiri diwan, and Fawzia al-Bahr, an engineer.' Full article at the link.