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Friends of the enemy. Read this post at Neo-Neocon for a little Vietnam-era history (as always), and to find out who the terrorist/fascist sympathizers consider their most important resource in the years to come. (Hint: There are 435 of them.) Also on Vietnam, Jayhorn is none too pleased about President Bush's make-nice with the Communist dictators of that country, especially when so many Americans must still be remembered with those bracelets. And while you're at it, read this post and reflect, once again, on the importance of that certain 435-member organization.

Do you ever wonder whether you're doing enough? Sadly, every time I wonder about it, the answer is always "No." So here's a big thank-you to The Redhunter for keeping this organization on our radar.

Some people think the solution to political kidnappings is to pay off the kidnappers. Swedish ex-hostage Ulf Hjertstrom, apparently succumbing to reverse Stockholm syndrome, has a more practical idea:
"I have now put some people to work to find these bastards," he told the Ten Network today.

"I invested about $50,000 so far and we will get them one by one."

Meanwhile, fellow hostage Douglas Woods forgot his manners and referred to his tormentors as "a**holes", a remark which offended the delicate Australian sensibilities of Melbourne Age editor Andrew Jaspan. Tim Blair doesn't mince words: "Andrew Jaspan is a moral vacuum who should be fired." At best. Read Tim's post to find out what else he suggests. The moral of the story: Don't let this happen to you! Michael J. Totten suggests some ways you can avoid ending up like Andrew Jaspan.