Twins to Lead Poland?

Via Arthur Chrenkoff:
No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you - Poland might become the first country in history to be led by identical twins.

Even better, Lech (yes, there's that name again) and Jaroslaw Kaczynski [and there's THAT name again - aa] are both conservatives, anti-corruption anti-government waste crusaders, and staunch supporters of the US alliance (as well as Poland's involvement in Iraq).

The Kaczynski brothers, who already rarely appear together in public to avoid creating confusion, have the potential to sow utter chaos among the ranks of foreign correspondents and commentators - not to mention photojournalists.

Lech and Jaroslaw are running for the posts of president and prime minister, respectively. Will they serve as one another's body doubles? The mind boggles. Go read the article at the link.