Clashes Rock Tehran

Via Free Iran:
Clashes rock several areas of Iranian Capital
SMCCDI (Information Service)
Jun 16, 2005, 07:51

Violent clashes rocked, yesterday evening, several areas of the Iranian Capital as demonstrators were attacked by Islamic regime forces.

Several areas, such as, "Enghelab" and Tehran University, "Vali e Asr", Rey, Zafar and the nearby Park e Mellat, Eslamshahr, Haft Hose, Rassol and Tajrish were affected.

Several demonstrators and also members of the regime forces were seriously injured. Rumors of two deaths have been reported from clashes which happened at Vali e Asr.

Slogans against the Islamic regime and its leadership were shouted by demonstrators who retaliated to the regime's use of clubs and tear gas by throwing pieces of stone and incendiary devices.

Public materials and several security patrol cars were damaged by the crowd. Many of regime's electoral propaganda were destroyed again or set on fire.

The situation in Tehran and several main provincial cities is very tense at few hours before the sham elections. Security forces have been deployed in an unprecedented manner and electronic jamming of abroad based opposition radio and TV programs has been increased.

The Movement's Coordinator, Aryo B. Pirouznia, hosted, via phone, by the popular Radio Israel (Persian service), called for massive boycott of sham elections and increase of protest actions against the regime. During this special program which was broadcasted yesterday evening (20:00 IR Local time), the SMCCDI Public Statement was read for the auditors.

Pirouznia is back to Los Angeles from where he's calling for massive boycott of sham elections and protest actions against the Islamic regime. Special live panels have been set at NITV and Pars TV for this purpose.
Source: SMCCDI