I'll have to tell you another time about my conversion from Safari to Firefox and back to Safari. I think for PC users, especially those using MS Explorer, Firefox is a great idea - and it does have a couple of nice features that Safari doesn't. But overall I like Safari better. I'll bore you with the geeky details later.

Various factors related to work and bills and so on will probably force me to cut back on blogging beginning next week. Morning Report expects to be on duty through this Friday, but will take an indefinite leave of absence thereafter. Occasional posting will continue, well ... occasionally.

Favorite Google search, bar none, was the user who found Dreams Into Lightning with the search terms gay males from outer space. How does that saying go? "We are everywhere." I wonder what those space boiz look like ... Are they bears? Leather daddies? I'm betting they look like this guy.

Is there a whole race of them out there somewhere? But then, how do they reproduce ... ?

And what about lesbians from outer space? Hmmmm. Now there's a concept. Maybe there's a story in that. But I digress.