Regime Watch Iran

Militia motorbike torched in southern Tehran. Free Iran: 'A militia motorbike carrying a club welding passenger was caught by a group of young demonstrators in Eslamshar a poor suburb of Tehran and scene of various riots.

The two regime agents who had beaten up several celebrators were caught few meters away and injured in their fall.

Their light transmission materials and pistols were taken by those demonstrators who vanished in the crowd which is shouting slogans against the leaders of the regime or dancing and chanting.'

Clashes in Esfahan, Mashar, Shiraz, Madar, Tajrish. Free Iran: 'Several clashes have been reported from several areas of the Greater Tehran and cities, such as, Esfahan, Mashad and Shiraz.

Plainclothes agents or paramilitary Bassij members have tried at several occasions to attack and end some of the celebration gatherings turned into massive shows of popular defiance and rejection of all symbols of the Islamic regime especially its upcoming sham Presidential elections.

Some female demonstrators who had pulled off their veils were beaten and injured in Madar and Tajrish areas.

Several demonstrators identified of having destroyed regime's advertisements were also beaten up or arrested in Esfahan's Enghelab square and in Darvaze Shiraz.

In Shiraz clashes have happened near Darvaze Ghoran as groups of demonstrators were shouting slogans against the regime and its supreme leader.

In Mashad, clashes have taken place around the university.

Several plainclothes agents have been injured in Ray and Narmak areas.

It's believed that the regime forces are waiting that most residents get back to their homes in order to crackdown on demonstrators.'

Commenter Liberty Now, citing Iranian media, adds this invaluable detail: 'A GROUP OF THUGS AND BUTCHERS REACHED THE LOCATION IN AN AMBULANCE (!!) TO ATTACK THE WOMEN.


The revolution. Free Iran, from Iran va Jahan: 'Shaheen Fatemi, Iran va Jahan:The Message Is Emphatically Clear:

Aim: Regime Change
Method: Non-Violent Civil Disobedience
Goal: Democratic Government.

While the international attention is focused on Iran’s WMD program and the phony presidential “election,” most observers seem to be missing a veritable seismic popular movement for radical change.

With every passing day the number of people who dare to add their signature to those who are openly challenging the system and are asking for total boycott of the elections mounts.

The mood of the country is rebellious. Last Sunday I was invited by VOA’s Persian language program to speak to a live interactive audience calling in from all parts of Iran. While everyone knows that these programs are recorded by the dreadful agents of the regime, no one seemed to care. They were unequivocally calling for a regime change. I was truly surprised by the universal vehemence of their condemnation of the ruling Mullahs. [Posters note: This is the same lack of fear that permeated Lebanon during the Cedar Uprising!] ...' Read the full article at the link.

Even the MSM can see it: Football (soccer) rallies are political. Regime Change Iran cites a Reuters account: '"Iran erupted in a frenzy of raucous celebrations after the Islamic state booked its place at the 2006 World Cup soccer [football] finals in Germany with a 1-0 home win over Gulf rivals Bahrain on Wednesday. ... But though the mood was mostly joyous rather than tense, there were sporadic clashes between a hardline volunteer militia and revellers in eastern Tehran. A Reuters reporter saw at least three injured young people.' Doctor Zin at RCI adds: "Even Reuters is reporting the unrest. But these international media reporters tend to have minders with them and thus they do not go to where the unrest is."

Regime's days are numbered, say activists. This Friday will mark the official beginning of the revolution against the IRI, according to SOS Iran: 'We the 70 million people of Iran request your declaration to denounce the Islamic Republic as the legitimate government of Iran on the 10th of June. On this historic day, we the Iranian people will place our seal on a promise of this general uprising which will go down in history as a confrontation between good and evil. On the 10th of June, the people of the world shall rally to our cause, in solidarity with Iranians everywhere. We have given the mullahs until the 16th of June to submit to the will of the Iranian people and peacefully surrender the power to its rightful owners. We the 70 million Iranians hereby cast our vote to end the Islamic Republic’s reign of terror, and no longer consider the Islamic Republic a legitimate government. Should they be so unwise not to leave peacefully on June 16th, we are prepared to remove this dictatorship and bring to an end the 26 years of their shameful reign. We will strike on the 18th of June, from every corner of our land, in every city, at every outpost of the Islamic Republic, and will bring those who have wronged us to justice.' The full text of this ultimatum (PDF), signed by all the major Iranian opposition groups, can be found at the SOS Iran homepage. Iranians are urged to stay indoors with the lights out every evening, beginning this Friday, as a show of unity. The declaration also calls for acts of civil disobedience by Iranian expatriates in Europe in solidarity with activists in the homeland.

Iran of tomorrow. The dissidents' manifesto also declares the start of a transitional Iranian government in mid-June: 'We have asked the exiled Iranians to come together and aid us to the utmost of their abilities to form a legitimate interim government, for the people, to replace your totalitarian regime with a democratic system after the 16th of June. We are coming together to defeat the Islamic Republic dictatorship, like we did under the banner of Kaveh to defeat the Tazi, and as we have always united to defeat those who so naively believed they could conquer us. We have asked the Iran of Tomorrow Movement (IOTM) to devise and put into place a system for the registration of candidates for the Interim Government, and a voting system to be used by Iranians outside Iran to vote for the candidates. This secular Interim Government shall represent a cross section of our society, independent of political beliefs, and ready to assume all governmental functions by June 10th, 2005. We have full confidence in the formation of this Interim Government to provide a strong foundation for a democratic and secular government for our country.' In keeping with the spirit and intentions of our freedom-loving friends in Iran, Dreams Into Lightning will recognize this Interim Government as the legitimate government of the Iranian nation. Keep watching for new developments.