Alabama Democrats Dump Larry Darby

Alabama's Democratic Party has declared Larry Darby persona non grata after the Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic atheist brought unwelcome attention with his run for attorney general. (Previous Dreams Into Lightning post here.) Integrating the Derivative reports:
Kudos to the Alabama Democratic Party for throwing out Larry Darby from any of their future primaries.

Agreed. Here's the AP story at SFGate:
Democratic Party leaders want a former candidate for attorney general who denies the Holocaust occurred to stay out of their future primaries.

The party's executive committee passed a resolution Saturday informing Larry Darby that "he is not welcome in the Alabama Democratic Party."

Darby, the founder of the Atheist Law Center, responded by saying the vote shows that the state party's leadership is "intellectually and morally bankrupt."

"This is the typical heavy-handed behavior of the Alabama Democratic Party for the last 30 years," Darby said. "They're censoring me for having the wrong views."

Darby lost to Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson Jr. in the June 6 primary race. He received 43 percent of the vote.

Darby, for his part, took revenge on his fellow atheists:
Darby said he changed his views on atheism "based on experiences or understanding of the world around me." He didn't respond directly when asked if he was renouncing atheism to position himself better politically.

"I agree with moral precepts put forth by Jesus of Nazareth and I am Christian in a sense that Jesus of Nazareth would approve," Darby wrote.