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Not PC, just common decency is what should make you think twice about using certain kinds of insults, says Tuomas at Creative Destruction. Hear, hear. And also from the estimable CD, Ampersand - no bushbot he - insists that, contra Rolling Stone, the Ohio election wasn't stolen ... but "fair" is another matter, and Amp raises some questions about Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell.

Patti at White Pebble links to an inspiring coming-out story.

Alcibiades at Kesher Talk asks some important technical questions but forgets one: Is the damn thing pronounced "rooter" or "rowter"?

"The tide of the war in the Pacific was turned in the time it took a few squadrons of American dive bombers to make their runs on this day 64 years ago." From a thought-provoking post at Winds of Change on the aptly-named Midway battle; and go check out the photo of the ill-fated Yorktown.

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