Welcome LaShawn Barber readers! Thanks to LaShawn for the link. Go check out the post, and be sure to read the comments. I'm planning to post on anti-Semitism and the Left soon.

Tiger rocks. I am not an "early adopter" and I'm not prone to enthuse over every brand-new, bug-ridden gadget (or widget) that the software geeks think we can't live without. I'm not even a hardcore Mac fan, either - I think Apple makes a good product, but I'm not an Apple-kool-aid-drinking Microsoft-hater; I'm a dual user (Windows/Mac) and don't have a strong brand loyalty to either. So when I say I'm officially impressed with Mac OS 10.4 "Tiger", you can be sure I'm not just talking off the top of my head. I upgraded last weekend (late adopter, remember), and I'm really glad I did. The new OS is noticeably faster, both on internet browsing and on local applications - including, and perhaps most noticeably, Microsoft Word for Mac. Best of all, from a blogging standpoint, is the built-in RSS feature. This alone is worth the price of admission. One click and I can view all new posts from all the blogs I follow, and it's so easy to use, even a tech idiot like me can figure it out. And if you're worried about reliability, I would say it isn't perfect but it's pretty good - beachballs and unexpected quits are rare, and the number of oddball new-product glitches is small. So if you're a Mac user and you're holding off on upgrading to Tiger, this skeptic says: Go for it.

School's in - the blogging will go on. I'm finishing my first week of classes for the fall term. It's going to be fun. Physics, Women's Literature, and Calculus, all with great profs. I'm going to revise my topical posting schedule, with the new version hopefully going up this Sunday. I'm going to shoot for four or five Morning Reports a week; no MR today, next one Sunday morning.

Tammy Bruce. A couple of people have asked me whether I'm going to be linking to Tammy Bruce. Yes. She's joining Pajamas Media! Go to the link to read her interview.