Random Katrina Blogging Gripe

Very white of you. I think I'm gonna puke if I see one more right-of-center blogger posting a bunch of pictures of Magnanimous White People Coming To The Aid Of Unfortunate Black People in order to prove the proposition "White People Aren't Prejudiced". (I'm not naming any names, you know who you are.) Geez, how condescending can you get? I've been the "token Jew" on a few occasions myself (smile for the camera!) and personally I really dislike being exploited this way.

If you want to show PEOPLE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE, or even AMERICANS HELPING OTHER AMERICANS, cool. Nothing wrong with that. But flashing a few photo-ops to sweep the race problem under the rug isn't cool.

Look, I said before that we've come a long way since the days of segregation and I meant it. I'm also going to tell you that I know America hasn't become the promised land of racial equality quite just yet. I was part of an all-white jury with an African American defendent just about three years ago. I'll post about that another time. But dammit, we - and by "we" I mean the pro-Bush people - need to get a clue and stop trivializing race issues.

This isn't about George W. Bush. Got that? This isn't about George Bush. Matter of fact, I've got my own criticisms of the Chief but I really don't think he'd stoop to this kind of posturing. This is about you and me.