Iranian Solidarity Rally - New York, September 14

Freedom-loving Iranians and their allies will hold a rally at the United Nations on September 14, according to this item at Free Iran:
Wednesday September the 14th
In Front of the United Nations Offices
From 9 AM to 5 PM (local time)
At the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (by the UN Building)
Located at 1st Ave and 47th East (Entry to the park and the "Iran UN Protest 2005" section must be made from 2nd Ave and 47th East.)
Contact information: 214-906-8181

A Plea for Rally Support & Demonstration Attendance from all Freedom-Loving people of the world against Terror and Torture Masters and Fanaticism who are coming to NEW YORK For 60th ANNIVERSARY Of UNITED NATIONS!

This is an invitation to join a call by all Iranian-American opposition groups, Former U.S. Hostages in Iran and freedom loving people of the world for New York and worldwide demonstrations against the Mafia Mullahs, Terrorists, Islamofascists, and Fanatics who intend to stop and kill the spread of FREEDOM, SECULARISM & DEMOCRACY around the World!

...If you are against GENOCIDE,
If you are against TERRORISM,
If you are against FANATICS,
If you are against the MAFIA MULLAHS,
If you are against ISLAMOFASCISTS,
If you are against UNITED NATIONS poor performance on human rights and Free Societies.
If you are against UNITED NATIONS accepting many of 191 governments as official members of UN that are not respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which they have signed as member of UN.

If you are against current UN leadership which is hosting a Former hostage taker and terrorists

If your family has been victimized by any act of terrorism (Sept 11th Terror Attacks, Terrorism in Europe, Middle East, Asia and throughout the world), please bring a picture of your loved one/s to the demonstration.

If your family has been victimized by the Islamist Mafia Regime in Iran or is a family member of one of the over 120,000 freedom-loving political prisoners, torture victims, or Iranians who have been executed in the past 26 years, please bring a picture of your loved one/s to the demonstration.

If you oppose all terrorism and acts of violence against those who wish to live in freedom, then your support and unity with the Iranian people should not be based on whether you are a democrat, republican, libertarian, conservative, independent, green, left, right, or center, but should be based only on your belief that the destiny of the human race is freedom and the unending pursuit of our wishes and our dreams.

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