The next step. For the first sixteen months, I didn't spend a dime on promoting Dreams Into Lightning, with the single exception of a few dollars I contributed to the (now defunct) Blog Machine. That changed this month, when I took advantage of SiteMeter's partner service, Site Toolbox, which offers site promotion packages in a variety of sizes and budgets. They offer search engine submissions, tips on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a handy little doohickey that generates tags for you, and a banner ad service. (Possibly you've already seen some of my catchy slogans for this blog.) And I am definitely seeing an increase in traffic, so I know it's working.

Liveblogging from One Way Coffee House. Formerly "Portland Coffee House, Trinity" it's now known simply as Coffee House, or alternatively as One Way Coffee House because of the juxtaposition of the storefront with a "one way" traffic sign. It's still the best coffee shop in the neighborhood - I'm tempted to say the best in Portland. One Way Coffee House is still independently owned and boasts a dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly crew - and it's still open into the wee hours for you late-nighters. That location again? It's at the corner of West Burnside and Trinity Place, right across Burnside from Blockbuster.

School's in. Yup, I'm starting classes on Monday. I don't intend to stop posting, or even slow down; it just means I'm going to have to manage my time. Morning Reports will probably be short and to-the-point. I am planning to return to the topical posting schedule I attempted earlier, and abandoned almost immediately; I'll probably cut out a few of the more ambitious features so I don't feel intimidated by the project. Thursday is "Arts and Letters" day; I'm putting together a few thoughts on a certain play (think Denmark) for next week.