Portland Coffee House, Trinity

I'm liveblogging from Portland Coffee House on Trinity Place. It's independently owned and easily the best coffee shop in the neighborhood. It used to be part of the Portland Coffee House chain of about four or five locations, but the owner decided he was getting out of the business and spun off the various outlets. PCH Trinity was bought by a very nice young couple who are expecting their second child any day now.

The owners and baristas (yes, the place really merits that highfaluten term) are dedicated and knowledgeable. The shop always has a crowd of fun young people (and a few old farts like me). And the coffee is absolutely first-rate!

PCH Trinity is currently open from 6:30am to 2:30am (yes, you read that right) every day. They're planning to go 24/7 soon, which is a very big deal in Portland because there aren't many 24-hour shops in town. The decor is uber-cool and there's always good music playing in the background. And don't miss the local art on display.

So if you live here, or if you're visiting town and you want to experience a bit of Northwestern decadence, check out PCH Trinity. It's located at 1951 West Burnside, at the corner of Trinity Place. (That's the street that runs between NW 19th and NW 20th Avenues. I call it Avenue Nineteen and a Half.) It's across from Panda Express and next door to Tony's Tavern. (There's a gay bar just up the block, too, if you're so inclined.) * The phone number is 503-248-2133. *

And yes, PCH Trinity has wi-fi. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. Say hi to Brian, the manager, and all the nice folks there. Mention Dreams Into Lightning if you want. Oh, and if you see a mysterious figure in a ponytail and a black beret, it might just be me.

CORRECTION: Please disregard the phone number which previously appeared in this post. It is incorrect and belongs to a private residence. THE CORRECT NUMBER IS 503-248-2133.