Iran Report: 2009-08-05

14 Mordad 1388. Latest Iran news: a citizen is freed, an opposition leader is arrested, a US flak double-talks, and a hero dies.

Protester rescued from regime thugs. Azarmehr has new footage of a protester rescued from the basijis.

Mousavi campaigner detained. Raye Man Kojast reports: 'In the late hours of Tuesday night, Mir-Hamid Hassanzadeh was detained at the office of Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA), where he is advisor, the local Tabnak website reported.'

Enemies. The Spirit of Man has a few choice words for the mullahs and their enablers in the United States. 'If I had any doubt about pro-Mullah nature of the Obama regime, those doubts are now turned into certainty and solid belief. Today NPR reports that the White House has called Ahmadinejad the 'elected leader' of Iran. At a time when world leaders like British PM Brown and German Chancellor Merkel have refused to recognize the Iranian government, this dangerous move is highly insulting and offensive, especially to thousands of Iranians who were killed or are now in jail.'

Gibbs says he misspoke. Arutz Sheva: 'On Wednesday, [White House Spokesman Robert] Gibbs told journalists, "Let me correct a little bit of what I said yesterday... I would say that's not for me to pass judgment on."

Alireza Davoudi remembered. Women's rights activist Alireza Davoudi died at the age of 26 from injuries he suffered during his imprisonment and torture. Rahai Zan TV has video (Farsi) here and here.