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Our World War II hero gives us an insider's view of six weeks in New Zealand - where the 37th Infantry Division had hoped to spend the duration of the war. We get the feeling that by the time combat came along, the cannoneers had a pretty good idea of how to fire their pieces. The soldiers endure the pomp and ceremony of military life and manage to keep a straight face for the generals and admirals. Besides the fun-filled frolic of the "cannoneer's hop", the men of the 37th enjoy music - not only the merry tune known as the "general's march" but also the nightly entertainment of "colors". One bugler gives it his all. Read the conclusion of Chapter 2 at Pacific Memories.

Marking the solstice, I've posted my father's solstice poem at Urban Renewal. Also newly posted poetry at Wilderness Vision.

I have organized the posts at The Iraqi Holocaust and Iraqi Holocaust Files. Currently I am not actively updating these sites; however readers are always encouraged to submit information for these blogs.

Dreams Into Lightning Amalgamated now features Morning Report archives for December and the complete New Republican series.

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