Morning Report: December 14, 2004

Egypt / Israel free trade accord signed in Cairo. An Israeli - Egyptian free trade agreement was signed in Cairo, reports a Debka bulletin: 'Israeli-Egyptian trade agreement signed in Cairo for jointly produced goods made in three Egyptian industrials zones to gain duty-free access to US market. The Qualified Industrial Zones similar to Israel-Jordanian projects will be located in Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said industrial zone. Agreement under umbrella of US-Israel free trade accord was signed by Israeli industry minister Ehud Olmert, Egyptian minister Rachid Mohammed Rachid and US Trade representative Robert Zoellick. Israeli delegation welcomed by Mubarek.' (Debka)

Saddam regime trials set to begin. According to the BBC, 'Leaders in Saddam Hussein's regime will go on trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes as early as next week, Iraq's interim premier says. Iyad Allawi said that the "symbols" of the former regime would be tried "one by one" but gave few details. There was no indication when Saddam Hussein himself would face trial.' (BBC)

Hezbollah loses French airwaves. And speaking of the BBC, Democracy for the Middle East credits that august organization with the news that 'France has kicked Hezbollah TV off the air for broadcasting judeophobic content.' (BBC via DFME)