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Atlas shrugs. 'Three months ago [in DR Congo], militiamen burned 17 people to death while a detachment of MONUC troops 200 metres away, whose mandate authorised them to use force to prevent such massacres, did nothing.' Thus reports an article in The Economist, cited by Wretchard in his December 4 post at the Belmont Club. With war and bloodshed raging in central Africa, what does the mighty United Nations do? Why, it tackles Problem Number Four.

And don't miss Belmont Club's recent posts for more on Kofi Annan and the UN, Europe's future, and the British government's intriguing concept of "active passivity".

A strong week. As Dreams Into Lightning belatedly acknowledges Hanukkah (what can I say? I've been busy), Dave Koppel posting on Slate gives us the run-down on Armed Jews Week. (Oh, and happy Hanukkah to you, too, Pat Buchanan.) Judith at Kesher Talk is inspired by her Apocryphal namesake; she offers Hanukkah links here, here, and ... oh heck, just go read the blog.

Muslims and Christians in Egypt. Big Pharaoh has the latest word on the case of Wafaa Constantine, an Egyptian Christian woman who reportedly expressed a desire to convert to Islam. GM explores the relationships between Christians and Muslims in Egypt, asking "What will save Egypt?" and examining a story with many stories.

V is for Values. Sherri (alias Evil Conservative) offers guidance and inspiration based on the acronym "VICTORY". It begins at this post. Don't forget to visit the latest posts at Straight Up With Sherri - scroll down for a very moving tribute to her grandmother.

Is "looking Jewish" a crime? Well, not exactly, but if something bad happens to you, just remember it's all Israel's fault. Michael J. Totten tells us what he thinks of that sick and twisted mentality.

Ampersand hits the Washington Post and this sudden fame has put him in a generous mood: the entire Hereville archive is free this week. Go read the interview with Ampersand (aka Barry Deutsch) at Alas, a Blog (December 12 post). Don't miss the adventures of a nice Jewish girl as she wrestles with problems of theodicy, knitting, and dragon-slaying at Hereville. Also be sure to explore "Alas" for thoughts on one of the most insidious prejudices of our time.