The King of Nepal Sees the Light

Tammy Bruce:
Anyone who says democracy is a "western" notion should take note. No one needs to ask the Nepalese if democracy is worth fighting for--after theirs was taken away, you just need to take a look at the result of their demonstrations .

The King of Nepal had dissolved their parliament in 2002, and then in January 2005 he declared a state of emergency which allowed him to seize complete power. For some reason he thought the people of Nepal wouldn't care. He was wrong.

After weeks of seeing the lazy, spoiled and criminal march for their "rights" to continue to be lazy, spoiled or criminal (France and the U.S), it's heartening to see the Nepalese demonstrating for something as grand and noble as a return to democracy, with many giving their lives in the process.

And after weeks of protest, what did the king have to say? ...

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