The Euston Manifesto

Liberals who haven't forgotten what liberalism is all about should go read The Euston Manifesto, which boasts the likes of Norm Geras, Harry Hatchet, Shalom Lappin, Jane Ashworth, and Eve Garrard among its signatories. From the Preamble:
We are democrats and progressives. We propose here a fresh political alignment. Many of us belong to the Left, but the principles that we set out are not exclusive. We reach out, rather, beyond the socialist Left towards egalitarian liberals and others of unambiguous democratic commitment. Indeed, the reconfiguration of progressive opinion that we aim for involves drawing a line between the forces of the Left that remain true to its authentic values, and currents that have lately shown themselves rather too flexible about these values. It involves making common cause with genuine democrats, whether socialist or not.

The present initiative has its roots in and has found a constituency through the Internet, especially the "blogosphere". It is our perception, however, that this constituency is under-represented elsewhere — in much of the media and the other forums of contemporary political life.

Go read the rest at The Euston Manifesto. For those pressed for time, Soldier's Dad makes it short and sweet.
The left and right should be arguing about the size of shape of social safety nets, which services are best provided by government or private industry, formulas for taxation etc.

We shouldn't being arguing over the benefits of genocidal dictators. We can argue about the best way to get rid of genocidal dictators.