Iran: Sexist Regime Steps Up Anti-Woman Activities

Using veiled female agents, the regime in Iran continues its policy of oppression against ordinary women. SMCCDI via Marze Por Gohar:
The Gender Apartheid Policy and repression of Iranian women has increased following the start, yesterday, of a new official campaign intended to enforce the observance of the Islamist mandatory veil in Iran.

Hundreds of fully black veiled and armed female security agents, qualified as "black crows" by most Iranians, have been deployed in each of Iran's main cities. Their official mission has been qualified as a 'suggestive guidance task intending to make respect the Islamic and moral values' and 'to fight the increasing western decadence'.

While officially they're 'not to use of any force or brutal manners', never less various reports are contrary to the official statements made, today, by the Islamic regime's President and heads of security forces. Reports are stating about the use of brutality, insults and fines against hundreds of maverick Iranian females who were seen opposing the black crows injunctions in several areas of Tehran, such as, Vali-e-Asr (former Pahlavi), Madar (former Mohseni) and Tajrish. Several young girls were seen arrested and transferred to security posts in order to what has been qualified as 'proper identification'.

In some places maverick Iranian males, offended or intending to protect their mothers, sisters, female friends or the victims, from the repressive female agents, were seen beaten by male security agents who have been deployed to protect their female colleagues.

It seems that some harsh critics made by some European and American circles against the discriminatory campaign have caused the sudden issuance of official statements on the 'peaceful nature of the guidance task'.

Reports of the same type of repressive measures have been received from some of the provincial cities, such as, Esfahan, Rasht, Ghom, Mashad or Shiraz where they have already been applied before its start in the Capital.

In reality, the whole campaign has started following the quasi-official rally which took place in front of the Islamic Parliament last week. It took place in order to offer a so-called legitimate and popular back up for the discriminatory crackdown on Iranian women and was composed by dozens of fully dark veiled female agents, as well as, foreign Islamist females and even what some many Iranians call as 'veiled governmental prostitutes'. This third category is used for various purposes by the Islamic regime, such as, collecting information or approaching foreign journalists while having a more western look or in some cases wearing more provocative clothing.

Tens of Iranian women have died and hundreds of other have been injured, since 1979, for fighting for gender equality in Iran. Many of them have used mass gatherings to burn their mandatory veils and to denounce the existing repression while some naive foreign circles have started to promote, since 1997, individuals, such as, Shirin Ebadi or Mehranguiz Kar as defenders of women's rights.

In reality, while thousands of Iranian women were marching in the streets of Tehran, in 1979, and shouting "No Veil, No Submission"; Ebadi and Kar were endorsing Rouh-Ollah Khomeini's backwarded Islamist revolution. Worst, they were seen as wearing the Islamist veil in sign of such support, despite having had higher law education and human rights courses.

In other Iran news, Nuremberg mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly urges the German government to do the right thing rather than allow Iran's chief thug Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit. YNet via MPG:
On June 11, at 6 p.m., the first game of the Iranian national team in the World Cup will get under way. Nuremberg's stadium is situated just dozens of meters from the first Nazi marching square and the enormous conference hall built for Hitler. The huge structure, which was never completed, is used today as historical testimony to the Nazi era.

The arrival of Iran's soccer team would not be causing such a stir, would it not be for the Holocaust denials of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his plans to arrive at the city in order to cheer on his team.

In the halls of government in Berlin, officials believe that the Iranian president will not arrive in the end. Therefore, they do not see a point in comply with a call by the Wiesenthal Center to declare Ahmadinejad as persona non grata.

"Ahmadinejad won't be our guest and he is not wanted among us," Maly told Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's leading newspaper.

"From the minute FIFA decided not to boycott Iran in the world cup, the arrival of the Iranians turned into a problem for the German government. We would prefer that other teams play here. I don't plan to prevent demonstrations against Ahmadinejad and against his intolerable statements on the Holocaust and the destruction of the State of Israel," he said.

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