New in the Dreams Into Lightning universe: yes, another blog; this one will primarily be of interest to family members and relatives. The Town Down the River will feature memoirs, trivia, memorabilia, and genealogical information about my family of origin.

Chapter 6 of Pacific Memories is complete, with my father's reflections on the people of Fiji.
The picture of a husky Fijian ambling along, scowling in the glare of the bright sun, and generally carrying a bolo in his hand, is a sight that makes you glad that these fellows are on our side. But the Fijians recognized this allyship, and acted accordingly, playing the perfect hosts.

Read it all at the link. In the next chapter, the men of the 37th Infantry Division will defy predictions ... but we're getting ahead of our story.

Also a couple of newly posted poems by my sister at Wilderness Vision. At Iridescence, Stephanie explains - at age fifteen - a little about her writing:
A person can search years for one thing and have to settle in the end for only a glimpse of the dream. Sometimes that's enough.

Many thanks to Erik Svane for the link, and thanks, as always, to visitors for dropping by.