Breaking News on Iraqi Constitution

Iraq the Model reports:
National Assembly member Bahaa Al-Aaraji just told Al-Iraqia TV that an agreement has finally been reached among the leaders of political bodies on the final draft of the constitution and that disputes over issues like federalism, distribution of resources and the role of Islam have been solved.

"All we need now is a couple of hours to reprint the document and produce enough copies to submit them to all the members of the National Assembly to get theri approval later this evening…" Al-Aaraji explained.

Till now there has been no announcement from the head of the constitution drafting committee but Al-Iraqia reporter in the green zone is confirming the news.

UPDATE from ITM: "Regarding Islam and the constitution: it was agreed upon that no laws that are against the widely agreed upon values of Islam can be issued and no laws that are against the values of democracy and human rights can be issued."

Whatever that means. Sounds like politicians at work. Anyway, it looks like there's no immediate cause for panic over the prospect of a theocracy in Iraq. I really don't think the Iraqis would go for that.

UPDATE II: Michael Totten is worried: 'There is no silver lining here, no “bright side” to look on. It’s bad news, period.' Read full post at link.