On Disengagement - from a Reader

The following is excerpted from an e-mail sent by a reader:
I'm an old lady, so as time passes I learn a lot. And, I've been observing both my president, George W. Bush, and Arik Sharon. And, I've discovered they could care less what the press says. Perhaps, Ronald Reagan was the last of the media giants? But it no longer matters.

With the Disengagement, Arik planned it well. He fired the heads that wouldn't cooperate. And, both the military and the police were trained to perfection. It's as if Arik learned everyone who wants to be on TV will operate like the nuts who show up to be televised on the Jerry Springer Show.

How sad for the Torah, really. It doesn't take much to realize our world has changed. And, only people who refuse to change manage to cling to age-old religions.

Did you know in the Diaspora Judiasm grew branches? Not just the ultra-orthodox; but the men and women who joined the greater society. Philosophers. Like my favorites: Spinoza. And, Martin Buber. And, there's the Conservative movement. And, the Reform movement. ...

Yet, I saw Arik's gifts above all of this. And, the decent way the IDF and the police went about disengaging from the very hostile place called gaza. (I also saw the earthquake that has been set off under the feet of the arabs. Who sat, amazed. Whose TVs also turned to the pictures that flashed out of the ordeal of separating a few from their homes. For the benefits ahead. That will probably include an influx of funds from America. To see the Negev invigorated with building projects. Why not think that in two years some settlers will be showing off new homes? Would they remember to apologize for the violence done in their names? I really don't know.

But I'm so proud of how Arik PLANNED this thing to be as successful as possible. While others thought he could be stopped in his tracks.

The world's changed. ...

Many thanks to Carol Herman in California who sent this in.