SMCCDI Needs Your Help

The Iranian activist group SMCCDI has been working tirelessly for the freedom of the Iranian people. But they need your help. At this time, their site is offline. (Thanks to Stefania for the heads-up.)

SMCCDI needs your donations - right now - to continue its work. You can make a PayPal donation to their e-mail. Regime Change Iran has the details:
SMCCDI (Urgent Action Call):

Dear Iranian Compatriots, Dear World's Freedom Lovers,

We need desperately your valuable help in order to continue
to exist and respond to our duties and moral obligations.

In the last twenty-six years, whether in Iran or abroad,
all of our lives have been affected negatively by the
Islamic regime and its desire to destroy Iran and Iranians
alike. We have witnessed the inhumane ideas of this regime,
and we cease to be horrified at the lengths this barbaric
theocracy has reached in its ability to terrorize Iranians
as well as the international community. Most of us Iranians
have dealt with the reality that the international
community did nothing to stop the holocaust of our people
and our country at the hands of this tyrannical regime. We
know the freedom of Iran and the end of the regime of
terrorists in our country lies in our own hands.

In a surprising twist of fate, for the first time in
twenty-six years, the President of the United States
directly spoke to Iranians during his State of the Union
Address in February of 2005. For the first time, the leader
of the most powerful country in the world has proclaimed
support for Iranians committed to returning freedom and
democracy to Iran by ending the Islamic terrorist regime.
If pro-democracy endeavors are not supported during this
short window of opportunity, Iranians may never see freedom
in Iran again.

With this in mind, the Islamic regime has actively been
working in Iran and abroad to make sure freedom fighters do
not have the chance to use this window of opportunity.
After President Bush's proclamation of support for Iranian
freedom fighters, the Islamic regime has embarked on a
campaign to separate any unified forces of opposition who
seek freedom and democracy for Iran.

One such group, "Student Movement Coordination Committee
for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI), has always been on the
forefront of the opposition movement against the regime of
terror. This opposition group has been a key figure in
aiding the freedom fighters in Iran with the aim of
establishing a secular political structure elected by the
majority of Iranians and returning human rights to Iran.
By way of its web site, SMCCDI has been a major source of
political inspiration for many young Iranians striving for
modernism and democracy. ...

Read the full article at the link. And please send whatever you can, via PayPal, to the following e-mail address: SMCCDI@DANESHJOO.ORG. I've already made my contribution this morning.