New to Blogroll

A few new names on the sidebar:

Greater Democracy is a left-of-center group blog critiquing both the Bush Administration and current liberal strategy. In a current post, Michael Cudahy cautions against the mentality of "educating the masses" and instead counsels respect for the ordinary citizen. 'Instead of trying to educate and scare the masses, I would suggest that it would be better to engage them in an active dialogue about their ambitions and the dreams they hold for their children. They know what works and what doesn’t. And, they are becoming abundantly familiar with the abuses of power rained down upon them by this self-righteous and insensitive administration. There is a growing hunger for boldness and innovation. -- for honesty and an understanding of the problems that threaten this nation. Americans can be motivated by the power of eloquently articulated ideas. It is a formula that has worked for decades. It is an equation that can win today.'

Cry Freedom has conservative news and views, Mac news, and White Trash Wednesday participation. Safari users, did you know that the latest OS X update will let you read Beth's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy in all its Alabama splendor? I'll bet you missed the new LHOTP, too.

American Dinosaur (hat tip: Cry Freedom) hails from Arizona and is a member of the Alliance of Free Blogs. Current posts have all the poop on the ACLU and the latest news on Minuteman.

Urth: The Drowned Land appealed to my inner Gene Wolfe fanatic - also lots of sports news, although I confess to being a sports illiterate.

Obviously Right has news on a disturbing trend in Belgium; also a number of good posts about media bias.

My sidebar is currently a bit disorganized but I'm planning to clean it up a little bit this week. I'm using BlogRolling but not exclusively, as I still find I like the flexibility of organizing my own Blogger template (imperfect though my understanding of HTML may be); also I like the idea of having a backup in case BR goes down (or, conversely, I screw up the Blogger linklist). Links may be found in either or both of these locations. The links I've just added today are on BlogRolling. I'll try to work something out where BR complements my basic template.