Wrongly Imprisoned, Free At Last

With ten dollars in his pocket, an innocent man in Louisiana becam a free man after 24 years in the infamous Angola prison. DNA evidence freed him. From the Chicago Tribune, via Yahoo:
In May 1981, when Michael Williams was 16, a jury here rejected his claim of innocence, deliberating for less than an hour before convicting him of the savage beating and sexual assault of his math tutor.

Arrested, tried and convicted in just three months, Williams was sentenced to hard labor for life with no possibility for parole and dispatched to the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, one of the nation's most notorious and deadly prisons.

At times the institution lived up to its reputation. In one incident, Williams said, he was stabbed 16 times.

Now, nearly 24 years after his arrest, independent DNA tests by three laboratories, including the Louisiana state crime lab, show what Williams has long contended: He is not the man who committed the crime. ...

Read the whole horrifying story here:
Jailed 24 years, freed by DNA

(Hat tip: Discarded Lies.)