Morning Report: March 1, 2005

Lebanese government resigns; president next target of protests. The Prime Minister of Lebanon and his cabinet resigned Monday, amid growing pro-democracy and anti-Syrian protests. Today, the protesters demanded the President's resignation. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a conference in London: "The Syrians are out of step with where the region is going." Dr. Rice was joined by French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier in calling on Syria to abide by UN Security Council Resolution 1559 and withdraw its 15,000 troops and its political presence from Lebanon. Big Pharaoh reports that a statue of Hafez Assad was pulled down in Lebanon. Follow GM's Arabic-language link, too - a picture is worth a thousand words. (Fox, Big Pharaoh)

US Supreme Court strikes down juvenile death penalty. "The age of 18 is the point where society draws the line for many purposes between childhood and adulthood. It is, we conclude, the age at which the line for death eligibility ought to rest," wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy in a 5-4 Supreme Court decision banning capital punishment for juvenile offenders. (CNN)