Credit Where Overdue

Or, "A Day Late and a Dollar Short." The following brief mentions will be much shorter than the respective parties deserve, only because they're already so late that I don't want to delay any longer in getting them posted. So, here goes ...

Stefania turns 23. Stefania LaPenna, the brain behind Free Thoughts, celebrated her twenty-third birthday yesterday, March 7. Happy birthday, Stefania! Readers, be sure to check Free Thoughts regularly for updates on Giuliana Sgrena and other Italian hostages - as well as info on freedom movements in Iran, Syria, Cuba, and elsewhere.

Michael J. Totten has returned from Puerto Rico (and before you ask, no, his visa didn't expire) with lots of photos. Back home in sunny Portland, he writes on Syria and disovers a great new Syrian blog by Ammar Abdulhamid (Amarji).

Bear Left is back and blogging again, after a nasty bout of carpal tunnel. Even with those wrist supports, though, he's maintaining a healthy caution about overdosing on the electronic media.

The Redhunter is a frequent visitor and commenter here. Tom has posted on United Nations scandals and Iraqi atrocities. He also has an impressive series on "Just War" theory - the latest installment is here.

Condolences go out to Husayn and to the family of his cousin, who was killed in a recent terrorist attack. Take a moment to hit Husayn's tip jar to help out the family.