The Return of Ali Fadhil

Ali Fadhil is back. He is now blogging as Free Iraqi, formerly "Iraqi Liberal". Some astute readers of Iraq the Model had already guessed that the new Ali and the old Ali were the same person; I didn't believe so, maybe because I thought it was just too good to be true! Anyway, I stand corrected and I'm happy to have been wrong!

For new readers, ITM is a very fine, informative Iraqi blog. It was begun in November 2003 by three brothers in Baghdad - Omar, Ali, and Mohammed Fadhil - and has drawn an intensely loyal readership. Then a few weeks ago, while Omar and Mohammed were completing a tour of the US, Ali abruptly quit the blog, fueling all kinds of speculation.

So now we have the whole story. Ali hasn't been abducted by aliens, and you can read about his decision in his own words at this post.

Many thanks to Stefania of Free Thoughts for passing on this news. Be sure to check out Free Thoughts: a bilingual (Italian/English) neoconservative blog featuring the latest human rights news on the Middle East, Cuba, and elsewhere. Current posts include a link on Saad Ibrahim and an aritcle on Cuban prisons Stefania is amazingly prolific - Free Thoughts is a great resource.