Let's blogroll!

Don't miss Iraqi Bloggers Central for the latest info from and about Iraq. Those new to Iraqi issues, those just tuning in, and those who need to learn more (and this specifically includes the person who forwarded to me that ignorant anti-Bush e-mail) should take the time to read this site for an ongoing analysis of Iraq as told by those who know. In today's post, Husayn and Sandmonkey sound off.

Alliance voices. Loyal members of the Alliance of Free Blogs are out in force. Emperor Darth Misha I of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler offers the latest headlines (just in case Dreams Into Lightning's Morning Report wasn't enough for you). Serenity asks some tough questions about theodicy in the wake of the tsunami. Blackfive passes some good scoop about a Marine sniper you should know. Greatest Jen isn't holding her breath for Saudi suffrage under the current misogynarchy. Mamamontezz is currently experiencing some comm problems but don't waste a chance to peruse her Mental Rumpus Room at leisure.

The Portland Mukhabarat's agent in New York, Julianne Shepherd, is keeping up her fabonculous blog, Cowboyz 'n' Poodles, under the most challenging circumstances. She's also the Portland Mercury's music critic. Go read her blog. It's binoculars. Maybe even omarion.

Baldilocks is trusting the universe to unfold as it should, in this important post on being single. A lot of us single folks might learn from her. Also some good meditations on faith, and a quote from "The Shawshank Redemption." Worth reading.

Emily, another trusted agent of the Portland Mukhabarat, has returned from her undercover assignment in Iowa. She's working hard to keep up that 4.0 GPA - and putting together a mammoth research project on people's environmental priorities - but don't let that stop you from visiting Strangechord.