Modifiers and the MSM

Just a few thoughts to keep in mind when you're reading, or listening to, the legacy media.

Have you ever noticed how often they use vague quantifiers like "some" and "many", especially when they're talking about public opinion? But of course you have - Dreams Into Lightning readers are a smart bunch. So you've already figured out that that's an easy way for the "journalist" to introduce his or her own opinion into a story, without having to defend a more stringent assertion, e.g. the claim that said opinions represent a majority (which would require the word "most").

(You'll notice that I've just used a vague quantifier - "often" - but that's only because I'm inviting you to verify the phenomenon for yourself.)

How many is "many"? If "some" are saying A, how many others are saying B? Who decides what views are represented by the "numerous", the "several", the "number of"? What is that number, exactly?

Oh, but I'm wasting my virtual breath here, because you already know all this.

Just do me one favor, though - next time you get a chance, point it out to someone else who follows the mainstream media.