Apr├Ęs Putnam, le deluge! I'm back from a pleasant two-week vacation with family in northeastern Connecticut, and ready to jump back into the political blogging fray. I'm rested, relaxed, and fresh as a daisy cutter.

New posts at Dreams Into Lightning - TypePad will now include Technorati tags where applicable. Also at the TypePad site, I'll be continuing the Flash Message feature, which is simply an occasional roundup of breaking news headlines and is posted at the top of the hour.

Regular posting will continue at Dreams Into Lightning - Blogger as usual. The Blogger site doesn't have auto-publishing, category archiving, or tagging features yet. I'll implement these as soon as Blogger tells me I can switch to Blogger Beta. Meanwhile, though, I'm going to trim down that sidebar a little bit to speed up loading. (UPDATE: This is done. I've cut down on some of the clutter, so this page should load faster now.)

As always, you will be able to read most DiL features on both sites, and if one is down you can always go to the other for the latest.