Best of Dreams Into Lightning

I enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, and conventional "literary" or "realistic" fiction. What I write is mostly science fiction, at least in the broad sense of dealing with issues of power and technology. In general, I try to keep my fiction non-political, except insofar as it reflects my basic beliefs about human nature and society. The first two stories linked below are loosely based on, respectively, the Book of Genesis and King Lear.
The Rose of Paradise
The Zero Ring
The Death Wish

Journey to America

These are some of my opinion posts on the Middle East, media coverage, and liberalism today. I still class myself as a "liberal", mostly because my basic beliefs haven't changed; what did change was my understanding of how the so-called "liberal" institutions have (in my opinion) largely betrayed the ideals they claim to represent.
Disengagement: The Messy Divorce (May 2004)
Bambi Sheleg on Disengagement
Something's Rotten in the State of Denmark
Poison Pill: The Media Today
Saudi Women are Happy!
Liberals, Conservatives ...
TNR Deconstructed: "The New Republican" series
Response to Thomas Friedman: America's Addiction
Response to E.L. Doctorow: The Unfeeling Left
September 11: "I Told Them Not to Talk About Their Dreams"
The Moral Struggle

The literature essay is from my undergraduate coursework at PSU. It's neither brilliant nor particularly scholarly, but it gives you some idea of my approach to books. Following it (at the same link) there's a paper I wrote for a Women's Studies class in which I criticized some aspects of the course.
On American Literature
Trina Schart Hyman
N. Scott Momaday
Audre Lorde
Music and Encyclopedias

The Hours, the Days, and the Years
The Reading Hour
The Long Road Home
The Trip Home