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Baldilocks is posting at her new site. Go here to find out what she has in common - and more importantly, DOESN'T have in common - with a certain famous American. It's sort of like Spock, with and without the goatee.

What is the Republican opportunity in 2014? 'Republicans have a very good chance to unseat two Democrats and claim the seats in Congress for the Republican ticket! It is also a time when the Republican party can attract voters, younger voters in particular who see the animus toward Gay people as damaging to the party. They are correct. ...' Thus quoth Duane Buell of the Buell Review, and I agree. Go read the rest, and bookmark the Buell Review.

Neo recalls Pearl Harbor.
This idea of a government in cahoots with the enemy, willing to let innocent Americans die, keeps coming up again and again. A certain not insignificant segment of the population appears to favor such conspiracy theories, probably because we don’t like feeling vulnerable to sudden attack. We’d rather think Daddy in the White House could have stopped it but chose not to—that makes him powerful but amoral, rather than powerless to protect us.
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