New Iranian Blogger: Shir o Khorshid

No matter what happens in Washington, our most important responsibility as freedom-loving citizens is to keep working to get the truth out and to keep fighting fascism. Via The Spirit of Man, there's a new Iranian blogger on the scene, Shir o Khorshid Forever (Lion & Sun forever).
In the very first speech Khomeini made when he arrived to Iran he stated that the first thing that needed to be done was to remove the Lion and Sun (Shiro khorshid) from the Iranian flag. The Mullah's have always feared the Shiro Khorshid, so what better name to choose for my blog. My goal is to unite all freedom loving Iranians under this great national symbol.

Sayeh Hassan makes her home in Toronto. Go pay her a visit, and don't forget to bookmark her homepage on your browser.

Sayeh, khosh aamadid!