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Melanie Phillips on the media war against the Jews. Here's a clip from Part 1:
What do you do if you don’t like Jews, and someone else who doesn’t like Jews makes a crude if drunken anti-Jewish remark and finds that his reputation sinks through the floor as a result? Why, you make even more gross anti-Jewish remarks, about the fact that it’s impossible to make anti-Jewish remarks because these Jews are so up themselves as ‘God’s people’ that they not only ‘crucify’ (sic) the person who has made the original remark (just as they crucified Jesus Christ — the collective libel, as it happens, which happens to be the very message of the movie made by the man who made the offending remark in the first place) but they also try to suppress the freedom of speech of those who want to scapegoat them; the bloody cheek of these people who claim to be ‘the great unimpeachable race apart’.

Find out who - and where! - at the link.

Neo: The skinny on Bush. Here's the latest on a guy who's just turned 60:
First, the bad news: he's shrunk a quarter of an inch. Haven't we all? And gained five pounds, although he still has very little body fat, especially for a man his age (sixty, prime of life!).

The rest of the statistics are astounding, especially for a man under the sort of stress a post-9/11 war president endures. Blood pressure? 106/68, a level usually achieved only by young children, and by yogis who've attained nirvana.

Remind me to stop complaining about my stressful life.

Atlas: Visit to a secret Israeli base. Yes, we're linking her again. Deal with it.
Of everything I saw today, The secret IDF military installation brought it all home. Down in a valley where detection is difficult (if not impossible), our vehicle traveled down a dirt gravel road. And suddenly down under a slope in the terrain were tents, jeeps, choppers and a flurry of activity as a team of special IDF forces was preparing an operation to rescue soldiers that were down (we subsequently learned two of the men died.)

Rome wasn't built in a day, but this place was. Go to the link for details, and some great photos. (No, not photos of the secret base, what do you think this is, the New York Times?)