PDX LiberalHawks Meet-Up a Success

Agents of the Portland Mukhabarat converged on the Horse Brass Pub Monday night and commandeered two tables to welcome Michael J. Totten back from Lebanon. Jason, Martin, Patrick, Richard and Sean were there, and Jason's fiancee Danica joined us as well. Ann from Portland Clasroom TV was kind enough to accept my invitation to the meet-up.

Stories were told, beer was drunk and spilled, and fish and chips were consumed. Michael shared stories of Lebanon, including his impressions of the Druze - nice, quiet folks, but don't mess with them. We learned the etymology of a certain word which entered the English language after WWI, and of its unique significance in baseball. And, of course, we laid the foundations of the next phase of the neocon-Zionist conspiracy ... oh, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that part.

Thanks to all who attended, apologies to any whose names I might have overlooked, and I know we're all looking forward to the next event - which, it was decided, will feature round tables. Hopefully Michael W., new to the PDX LiberalHawks group, will be able to join us next time.