Morning Report: 2013-09-29

Nigeria: Boko Haram kills 50. Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram killed up to 50 students while they slept in northeastern Nigeria. Richard Fernandez at the Belmont Club:
News that the Boko Haram, yet another brand name of “militant”, attacked a Nigerian college dormitory to massacre at least 50 students in their sleep may still outrage some, but not to the degree you would expect. For it was only last week that the Shabaabs attacked a mall in Kenya. And even more recently some militants” blew up a church in Peshawar, Pakistan killing 85 Christians.

We have left out the bombings in Iraq or the ongoing killings in Syria, or the burning of Zamboanga. No mention need be made of the threats against the Miss World beauty contest in Indonesia. We leave out those tedious details lest we should be here half the night enumerating them. At this rate soon no one will pay much attention to any subsequent attacks — even if they happen at a little league games in Minnesota or a retiree’s bingo party in Florida or the burning of a hospital or two in France. ...
Read the rest at the link. Debka has more.

Israel: Alleged Iranian spy arrested. 'Israel's Shin Bet domestic security service said Sunday it has arrested a Belgian citizen of Iranian origin whom it claims was sent by Iran to spy on Israel under the guise of a windows and roofing salesman, an announcement that coincided with a trip by Israel's prime minister to the U.S. aimed at casting doubt on Iran's recent overtures to the West. The Shin Bet said the accused spy, identified as Belgian-Iranian businessman Ali Mansouri, had admitted to interrogators that he was recruited by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's elite Quds Force last year and sent to Israel to set up business ties as a front for spying on Israeli and Western targets. For his services, the Shin Bet said, Mansouri's Iranian handlers promised him $1 million.'