Morning Report: 2010-10-19

Militants attack Chechen parliament. CNN reports that at least two people are dead after one or more militants attacked the parliament in Chechnya. Fox reports that 'the shooting erupted in the office of the speaker of the Chechen parliament.' BBC says 'At least three guards were reported to have been killed at the building in the capital, Grozny.' Another source is now reporting that the gunman has been "eliminated", or "neutralized", or whatever, anyway he's down for the count.

IDF arrests terror suspects. Arutz Sheva reports that three suspected terrorists have been arrested in the West Bank.

State's Crowley says US concerns about Iranian influence in Iraq "long-standing". Xinhua reports that State Department spokesman Philip Crowley cited "long-standing" concerns by the US over Iran's meddling in Iraq, and other issues.