Pot, Politics, and Dating

Ampersand at Alas:
Usually I think people are too quick to blame Obama for dreadful federal policy; the President is not a dictator, and very often Obama doesn’t actually have the power to unilaterally change policy.

In this case, however, I think anger at Obama is exactly right. First of all, for the hypocrisy Jillette points out. (Even worse than the hypocrisy, imo, is the utter lack of compassion).

Second of all, when Obama was running for president he promised to lighten up on the federal war on medical marijuana. ...
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Jill at Feministe takes on this New York Times piece on "high school cougars". Say what? Yeah, that's right: A guy dating a younger girl is normal, but a girl going out with a guy who's even a year or two younger is, well, weird. Anyway, here's Jill:
I actually am a little skeptical of relationships where there’s a large age difference, and where that age difference reflects a major gap in life experience — which is why I think that, for example, a college sophomore dating a junior in high school would likely pose more issues with power imbalances/potentially predatory behavior than a 30-year-old dating a 34-year-old, even though the age gap is the same. But when both students are in high school? Or everyone is in college? The experience gap isn’t quite as large. And it’s more about finding a nice person in your peer group (key term there: peer group) who you want to spend time with. ...
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