"Deplatforming works."


According to this individual 'Milo reveals just how much the far right are struggling after being deplatformed from the main social media sites.' She is, of course, quite pleased at the success of the compliant tech industry in unpersoning Milo.

But the reality is, Milo's situation does not 'reveal' anything about the state of conservative social media. Milo is largely the author of his own problems. He was smart, outspoken, funny, often provocative - but he didn't know when to stop. He alienated a lot of folks on the right.

I hate that Milo gave the left a scalp to claim. But he made his own choices. You've got to know how to pick your battles, how to build leverage, how to work with people, if you want to stay in the game. He never learned.

Milo may be out of the game. But there's Brandon, Blaire, Andy, Sargon, Candace, Laura Loomer, Mike Harlow ... the list goes on and on. One casualty does not lose a war.