Linkage: 2018-05-21 Monday.

The Standard: How conservatives can win the youth.
Ben Shapiro.
Capitalism is good because you own your own labor and you have the right to exchange that labor for someone else’s labor and no one has the right to steal your labor from you. Socialism is evil because it says that a third party can tell you what your labor is worth.

Religious freedom is good because freedom of association is good and no one has the right to tell you how to live your life so long as you’re not forcibly imposing your views on anyone else. Governmental discrimination against religious institutions is evil because it is none of the government’s business how you choose to worship, how you choose to operate your business, and how you choose to raise your child.

Freedom of speech is good because you have value as an individual human being with a unique point of view; you’re not reducible to your skin color, your ethnicity, or your income. Political correctness and identity politics are evil because they utilize censorship to box you into a group identity that denies your individuality.

Small government is good because it allows you to pursue your goals without someone else telling you what to do, and if we can’t agree to leave each other alone, you’ll have to fear my tyranny as much as I fear yours. Big government is evil because it insists that a cadre of bureaucrats knows more about how to run your life than you do.

These are winning arguments. And young Americans are open to them.
Kristen Soltis Anderson.
Conservatives should have something to say to young people about the free markets that deliver so much of what gives them this material quality of life, and why ideas like socialism that failed dramatically in the past (often long before they were born) remain bankrupt today.

Young Americans are also increasingly experiencing the effects of a loneliness epidemic spawned in part by the fact that genuine community and human connection have too often been replaced—inadequately—by screen time and social media. It is true that social conservatism, which is often unfairly portrayed by the media as a basket of retrograde views on gender and sexuality, remains a nonstarter with young people, but the idea that families and communities need strengthening, that they are not replaceable by the state, and that they are essential to a fulfilled life is a message that conservatives should be shouting from the rooftops.

Robert Spencer: Poisoned in Iceland a year ago, still no justice.

FrontPage. 'Just over a year ago, a young Icelandic Leftist poisoned me in Reykjavik after I gave a lecture on the jihad threat. In the hospital thereafter, a Leftist doctor neglected to perform basic tests on me, such that I could have easily died from the poisoning. A year later, no one has been arrested, and Iceland’s medical ethics board has declined to discipline the doctor. The whole episode illustrates what those who are known to dissent from the Leftist agenda can expect from Leftist authorities: institutionalized indifference and injustice. ...'

Netanyahu's moment: observations from friends and the NYT.
Caroline Glick.
From moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, to walking away from the nuclear deal which guaranteed Iran’s eventual acquisition of nuclear weapons and financed its regional aggression and terrorism sponsorship, to unconditionally supporting Israel’s military operations against Iranian positions in Syria, Trump has demonstrated that he is the most pro-Israel president in US history. No other president comes close.

The difference between Trump and his predecessors is that Trump accepts Israel on its own terms. ...
Anshel Pfeffer at NYT.
Mr. Netanyahu is the toast of the new wave of right-wing, populist and autocrat-like (if not outright autocratic) leaders. They see in him a kindred spirit, even a mentor. He is the leader of a small country who has taken on American presidents and outlasted them. He has successfully defied the Western liberal human rights agenda, focusing instead on trade and security. Israel’s success as a regional economic and military power is proof in their eyes that the illiberal approach can prevail.

He has spent more time than any of them on the geopolitical stage, winning election after election. In many ways, Mr. Netanyahu is the precursor to this new age of “strongmen” who have come to power in different parts of the world. It is the age of Bibi. ...
USA / Iran: White House considering regime change options. Washington Free Beacon: 'The Trump administration is examining a new plan to help Iranians fighting the hardline regime in Iran following America's exit from the landmark nuclear deal and reimposition of harsh economic sanctions that could topple a regime already beset by protests and a crashing economy, according to a copy of the plan obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.'

Blaire White: Do conservatives hate trans people?
Blaire White: 'Small and limited government, strong borders, being conservative fiscally, I'm a constitutionalist, I'm a nationalist at heart. All of those beliefs, technically, in today's time, definitely fall into the conservative category. ... I'm not comfortable saying that conservatives hate trans people hate trans people, because my experience has been mixed. ... I think that there is this new wave of conservatives, especially younger ones, who are much more concerned with principles and policy, rather than X-ing out this group. ... I don't think that, if it were true that conservatives hated trans people, that I'd be sitting here on YouTube with the amount of success I've had.'