Israel strikes Syria; Russia responds.

Arutz Sheva: Russia condemns Israel.
The Russian government condemned Israel for the bombing of a Syrian government base on Monday, denying the apparent chemical weapons attack which prompted the bombing.

In a pre-dawn strike, a pair of Israeli F-15 fighter jets flew over Lebanon before crossing over into Syrian airspace, Russia claimed Monday.

The two Israeli Air Force jets struck targets at Syria’s T-4 airbase, killing 14 people according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Initial reports indicated that at least some of the dead were Iranians.

While Israel has not confirmed its involvement in the attack, the Kremlin blamed the Israeli Air Force for the bombings, after the Syrian government accused the US of launching the attack. ...
Debka: Lavrov calls strike "dangerous development".
The Russian defense and foreign ministries have asked their Israeli counterparts to provide “explanations” for air strikes on a “Syrian military facility,” former FSB general Senator Vladimir Jabarov reported Sunday. He was speaking with Iranian media....